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Our team guides clients through every step of a development project. From initial concept and visioning through delivery and operations, Peregrine Group provides advisory services that incorporate years of experience and expertise. Our depth of knowledge in financing, managing risks and identifying potential roadblocks and opportunities has helped many to achieve their goals and to avoid cost and time inefficiencies

Peregrine's Strategic Advisory services provide clarity and direction

Unsure of the best course of action for your project? Peregrine's experience in planning and management can provide the guidance and support you need.

  • Feasibility (Financial, Regulatory, Physical)
  • Information gathering & research
  • Site selection
  • Market survey
  • Workplan creation

Peregrine's expertise goes beyond Strategic Advisory

Other firms may offer strategic-level guidance, but Peregrine also has the resources and expertise to implement projects as well:

  • We understand the fundamentals of market & gap financing and manage all aspects of that process for you.
  • We understand the challenges of permitting, community impacts and construction - because we manage that as well.
  • We understand the challenges in owning and operating real estate after the development is complete, providing great value to owners and clients.


At Peregrine, our job is to understand your needs and deliver a final product that will add value for decades to come. Clients and partners include private companies and corporations, public entities, hospital groups, municipalities, school districts, non-profits and private individuals. Relationships often span decades. Please see links below for examples:

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Peregrine Group's experienced team can guide your project to its greatest success.
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