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At its core, Peregrine offers a skilled team of Project Managers to deliver real estate development projects. Our OPM and/or Owners Representative service offering have been successful in delivering large-scale public, private projects, educational and institutional projects and unique and challenging neighborhood-level development engagements.

Let Peregrine oversee all of the details
of your project

Peregrine works with all types of public and private entities to quarterback projects and deliver results on schedule and on budget. The scope often includes:

  • Schedule creation & management
  • Team selection / Procurement
  • Design oversight
  • Budget creation & management
  • Entitlements & permitting
  • Public and community communications
  • Construction oversight
  • Draws / requisitions
  • FF&E management
  • Close-out

Why choose Peregrine as your Owner's Project Management firm?

The team at Peregrine differs from most OPM firms in the marketplace due to the fact that our diverse skill-set allows continuity from the leading front end of projects to beyond the completion of construction.

  • Our ability and expertise in the conceptual and strategic phases, feasibility and acquisition and financing/transactional components provides up-front guidance that often extends well before construction.
  • Our ability to provide asset management for completed projects extends the ability to support clients and partners in a more comprehensive manner than standard OPM firms. We understand and think about operational issues that exist years beyond the completion of construction – and incorporate that perspective into the design and construction phase.

It is this perspective - a true Owner's, long-term perspective - that informs all levels of our project management approach and provides exceptional value to our clients.


At Peregrine, our job is to understand your needs and deliver a final product that will add value for decades to come. Clients and partners include private companies and corporations, public entities, hospital groups, municipalities, school districts, non-profits and private individuals. Relationships often span decades. Please see links below for examples:

Learn more about Strategic Advisory services

Peregrine Group's experienced team can guide your project to its greatest success. Contact us to learn more.