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An Experienced Team Focused on Your Success

IN BUSINESS FOR THE LAST 16 YEARS, the partners of Peregrine have extensive experience in the various aspects of real estate development including site selection, acquisition, debt/equity financing, public/private partnerships, community and stakeholder engagement, design, engineering, permitting, project management, construction, leasing and property management.

As Real Estate Advisors and Project Managers, who also own, develop and manage properties, Peregrine brings a comprehensive understanding of the development process life-cycle and the challenges and opportunities that exist in every phase. Based in Rumford, Rhode Island, Peregrine brings a regional presence with national experience across multiple facility types.

Colin Kane, Founding Partner of Peregrine Group

Colin Kane

Founding Partner

Jordan Stone, Founding Partner of Peregrine Group

Jordan Stone

Founding Partner

Samuel Bradner, Managing Partner of Peregrine Group

Samuel Bradner

Managing Partner

Eric Busch, Managing Partner of Peregrine Group

Eric Busch

Managing Partner

Mark Hartonchik, Chief Financial Officer at Peregrine Group

Mark Hartonchik

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Bauman , Project Manager at Peregrine Group

Rachel Bauman

Project Manager

Christian Rubeck, Senior Project Manager at Peregrine Group

Christian Rubeck

Senior Project Manager

Abigail Jones, Project Manager at Peregrine Group

Abigail Jones

Project Manager

Erik Andrutis, Project Manager at Peregrine Group

Erik Andrutis

Project Manager

Linda Barry, Office Manager at Peregrine Group

Linda Barry

Office Manager

Mark Peters, Project Manager at Peregrine Group

Mark Peters

Project Manager

Tiffany Cambio, Accounting Supervisor at Peregrine Group

Tiffany Cambio

Accounting Supervisor

Katrina DeVita, Staff Accountant at Peregrine Group

Katrina DeVita

Staff Accountant

Raquel Dozier, Accounts Receivable Specialist at Peregrine Group

Raquel Dozier

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Abigail Marchand, Accounts Payable Specialist at Peregrine Group

Abigail Marchand

Accounts Payable Specialist

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