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December, 05 2014

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on New Dormitory - St. Andrew's School

Rumford, Rhode Island:  Peregrine Group is excited to announce the new dormitory opening at St. Andrews's School in Barrington, Rhode Island.  The dormitory was dedicated by the administration, students and faculty on September 24th of this year.

Peregrine led the effort with the school and project team on the renovation and expansion of the 17,000 square foot dormitory which now holds a total of 25 beds.  The existing boys dormitory received  a full upgrade of mechanicals, technology and interior common spaces.


Activities included selection and scoping of project professionals, architect and construction manager, renovation and new construction design options, pricing and scheduling analysis project delivery methods and construction oversite for the 4-month fast-track expanstion project.

Peregrine worked closely with other members of the project team to complete the project on time and on budget.  The team included:  Vision3 Architects, InSite Engineering, H.V. Collins Company and Birchwood Design Group.