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Ocean House
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Successful Real Estate Development Projects Start Here

For over 20 years, the Peregrine Group has been providing clients with Real Estate Advisory Services, including project management, acquisition, debt / equity financing, site engineering, permitting, construction, leasing and property management. We pride ourselves on delivering intelligent solutions that optimize investment for maximum profitablitiy of your commercial, residential or industrial space.

Advisory Services

Peregrine applies its expertise to help property owners and businesses achieve their specific facility, investment and operating objectives. We work with our clients to ensure that each effort results in a special and unique product that fits their needs.


As Owner's Project Managers (OPM's), Peregrine's responsibility is to promote and fulfill our clients' interests throughout the entire life-cycle of their real estate project. We strive to deliver tailored solutions for each client's unique needs and objectives.

Property Management

As a property manager, our goal is to maintain and enhance clients' investment quality through the maintenance of building systems, rapid response to physical and tenant issues, regular reporting, and frequent and consistent owner communication.